My contribution against cold feet

My contribution against cold feet

This free pattern is easily adjustable, you can try them on as you go. I included some drawings to point out how it works.

Get pattern here.


3 thoughts on “My contribution against cold feet

  1. Hi, I’m trying to make these cute boots, I made the cap with no problem, but now I can’t understand how to put togheter the two parts.
    When I fold in half the heel/upper, where do I have to crochet? Only on the upper side or even along the other two sides?
    In the first picture that shows how to sew togheter the two parts it seems that the heel/upper it’s not a recrangle but a half cone…
    Please, Can you give me more explanations?

    1. Dear Roberta
      Oh I see what you mean. After completing the heel part (rectangle), you crochet one side together in the direction you crocheted before. Then you turn it for the crocheted seam to disappear and sew it to the sole. You’re right the lines in the sketch should be straight. Hope this helped. If not, tell me please. 🙂

      1. Thank you very much,
        I hadn’t understand that I have to put the heel/upper inside out.
        The pattern is clear now. 🙂

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