Spring now! Top Pattern

Spring now! Top Pattern

Yesterday night I finished this top. It is done without pattern inspired by the angel wings pinafore (for a baby girl). I wrote while working.

Better photographs coming soon!

Today is the day! Here is the pattern. Since nobody took a proper picture of me, only the pattern today.

Spring now! Top Pattern by lydienne

Size: XL/2XL

Gauge: 7 rows of shell stitch x 3 shells = 4 inches/10 cm

Finished measurements:
Bust: 47 inches/120 cm
Length from armpit to bottom: 20 inches/50 cm

What you need:

50 g of white worsted weight yarn (I used Zeeman Royal)
400 g of yellow worsted weight yarn ( I used G-B Big Wucht, 1 skein)
hook H/5.00


  • always turn after completing a row/round
  • to end a shell round slip stitch
  • to begin a shell round slip stitch on 2 dc of round before and under bow of ch-2
  • This is my first garment pattern. So if you find a mistake or something is not understandable, please contact.
  • I’d like to see your results. Please post pictures on Ravelry. Would be so nice!


In white
ch 106
Row 1: sc across (105 sc)
Row 2: ch 4, *trc in next 5, 2 trc in one* repeat, trc in remaining 3, sl st in beg ch-4
Round 3: ch 4, *trc in next 5, 2 trc in one* repeat, trc in remaining, sl st in beg ch-4

In yellow
Round 4: (ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc), skip one st, *(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc), skip one st* repeat til end (72 shells
Round 5 and 6: 72 shells (always but them on ch 2-bow of round before)
Round 7: 10 shells, ch 10, skip 18 shells, 16 shells, ch 10, skip 18 shells, 10 shells
Round 8: 10 shells, one shell in every second ch of ch-10 (5 shells), 16 shells, one shell in every second ch of ch-10 (5 shells), 10 shells
Round 9: shell on each shell of round before (46 shells)
Round 10 – 39 (or until desired length): 46 shells
Fasten off, weave in all ends.


ch as many as you need (sorry, I didn’t count it) and hdc in each ch
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Weave cord trough the top right under your breast and tie it  to give it a nice shape.


42 thoughts on “Spring now! Top Pattern

  1. I love it:) and want one! I have been looking everywhere for something to do with some yellow yarn i have in my stash!! Can’t wait for the pattern:D

  2. This is completely adorable in every way…the color, the feminine shape and the lacy stitch. PLEASE post the pattern on Ravelry or here when you can!!!!

  3. Well, I guess it’s back to the yarn store! I should get some real “work” done today, but I think I may be distracted! Thanks so much for this! I will post it on Ravelry when complete.

      1. Can you calculate a gauge? How many stitches per inch?
        And then the next step would be give us a final measurement size– how many inches wide at the bust and how many inches long. That might help us adjust.
        It really is a LOVELY top.

  4. I really like this top, but am also a medium…if anyone has any ideas on making it smaller, I’d love to know 🙂

  5. I love that you made a plus size CUTE pattern!!
    Quick question.
    In row 4 ” *(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc), skip one st* repeat til end (72 shells).” Does that mean you put the (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) all in one stitch?

  6. I’m haviNg an issue after completing the section in white…am I turning and working the original chain again or am I to fasten off? I thought I was supposed to start at the end of last trc?

    1. Yep, you are thinking the right way. 😉 The original chain should not be joined. So there is only one consistent side and this is where you stopped with white. Good luck and have fun while making it!

  7. awesome shirt. i plan on starting this project right now but im wondering about the arm holes. are they already included into the pattern above or do i need to make my own straps/arm holes?

  8. Hi, I need help. If I only get 71 shell at rows 4. What should I do? Add 1 more shell at the last chain? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. I don’t have Internet access that often these days because we moved. I don’t think one shell less would make a huge difference. Maybe like that: Round 7: 10 shells, ch 10, skip 18 shells, 15 (instead of 16) shells, ch 10, skip 18 shells, 10 shells

  9. Nice top I am making on white and hot pink . I will like to ask you a question do you wear the top alone or with another of fabric underneath. Just asking because the shell pattern makes a lot of holes. But I love the top planning on doing the black and green one too.

  10. Love the top, but been a newbie crocheting have like a lot of questions. jiijiji 1. the white part is worked without making a circle, aka slst to close? when you add the yellow yarn,is worked around the white one to make the edge? on round 7 is where you begin to work the top (armhole) down? Thanks for your assistance. In round 1 after the 106 chains, the sc are left open, no slst to close? If by any chance is left unopen, a sc foundation cast on can be made? Again, Thanks, waiting ansiously for your assistance to complete the top, which I find lovely. Thanks, Blessing Milagros

    1. The white part is joined later on to form a little open triangle. Maybe you can see it on one of the pictures? The yellow yarn is worked around the white one, no seam. You can use foundation single crochet if you want to, even if you leave it open like the pattern calls for. The arm holes are worked by leaving some stitchen of round before unworked. Hope this helps! Happy crocheting!

  11. Hi, beginner crocheter, but I’ve crochet some intermediate projects. I love this top!…I’ve never crochet a top before…Do you have any suggestions on alternative amt of stitching to make this top a large size.

  12. Hello, this top is beautiful. I want to try making one. One problem, what weight is the yarn you uses? Thank you. Sue

  13. Started this today, can’t believe how easy this pattern is. Will post finished work as soon as I am done. Thank for this pattern.Sue

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