Black and Green Top

Black and Green Top

So this is a new pattern. Hope you like it. Wasn’t very creative about the name. It somehow reminds me of folklore, I could imagine it with a red crocheted rose.

Black and Green Top (size XL/XXL) by lydienne

What you need:

300 g of worsted weight yarn in black
50 g of worsted weight yarn in green
hook 4.00 mm
hook 5.50 mm


13 dc x 7 rows = 10 x 10 cm/ 4 x 4 inches

Finished measurements:

Bust size: about 115 cm/45 inches (it can be stretched)
Length from bust down: 55 cm/22 inches (can be adjusted)

Note: sl st to join at the end of each round

Breast part

In black an with 4.00 mm hook
ch 134
Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and across
Row 2: ch 3, 2 dc in same st, dc until before last, 3 dc in last
Row 3 – 5: repeat row 2, at the end of row 5: sl to other end’s ch-3 to form ring
Round 6 – 14: ch 3, dc around (148 dc)
Round 15: ch 3, 9 dc, dcdec, *7 dc, dcdec* 3 times (4 dc decreased until now in this round), 70 dc, dcdec, *7 dc, dcdec* 3 times, 10 dc (140 dc)
Round 16: *5 dc (including ch 3 as dc at beg), dcdec* 5 times, 70 dc, *dcdec, 5dc* 5 times (130 dc)
Round 17: *3 dc (including ch 3 as dc at beg), dcdec* 8 times, 50 dc, *dcdec, 3 dc* 8 times (114 dc)
Fasten off.

Belly part

Start with green somewhere else, e.g. under one arm.
Round 18- 19: hdc around
In black
Round 20-21: dc around
In green and with larger hook
Round 22: ch 3 and 2 dc in same space, skip 2 sts, sc, *skip 2 sts, 5 dc in same st, skip 2 sts, sc*, repeat, to complete last bow: skip 3 sts instead of 2 and 2 dc in same space of beg
In black
Round 23: ch 1, sc in same space, [ch 2, *YO, insert hook into next st, YO, pull trough 2 loops on hook* repeat until you have 6 loops on the hook, YO, pull through all 6 loops, ch 2, sc onto top of green bow (next st)] repeat between […]
In green
Round 24: ch 3 and 2 dc in same space, sc onto middle of black, *5 dc on sc of round before, sc onto middle of black* repeat, 2 dc into space at beg
Round 25 – 28: repeat 23 and 24 two more times
In black with smaller hook
Round 29: (ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc), shell (2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc) on sc of round before, *shell on top of green bow of round before, shell on top of sc* repeat (38 shells)
Round: 30 – 41 (or desired length): 38 shells
Last round: in green 38 shells

Cleavage and straps

In green

sc around cleavage and reverse sc around
Wear a bra and a sleeveless shirt you will put under the crocheted top, now use pins or yarn scraps to mark wear your straps must be attached to cover everything

In black (2x)

Row 1: sc 16 under and through green sc, so you don’t see from the front where the straps are attached (16 sc)
Row 2 – 23: ch 3 (counts as dc), dc across (16 dc)
Row 24: attach to back with sc (16 sc)
In green (2x)

start on the outer side of 6th row
Row 1: 12 shells (2dc, ch2, 2 dc), each at the end of one row of the strap
Row 2: turn, sl st until second shell, make 10 shells on shells of row before
Row 3: turn, sl st until second shell, make 8 shells
Row 4: turn, sl st until second shell, make 6 “staccato” shells *ch 3, 1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc, ch 3, sl st until next hole* and only 1 sl st at the end of the row

Hope you liked it! If you have problems or find problems, please contact me. Feel free to link to this pattern, but don’t post it somewhere else. Thanks.


16 thoughts on “Black and Green Top

      1. For the shade of green in the pictures, I think I would go with pink. If it were a deeper green, I would make it in red. Either way, i think it will look cute. lol

  1. Love it! I made your other top and it came out perfect! I can’t wait to make this one too! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

      1. I haven’t, but I will if you want to see it! I don’t have a Ravelry account, but I can e-mail them to you?

  2. Lovely top, I plan to make in shades of blue, but I could only print off through Rows 3-5 on the Breast part. Is there a way to get the whole of that section to print? Thank you

    1. I always copy and paste patterns from the internet to MS Word before I print them. I’ve had no good experiences with printing directly from the browser. So maybe this works for you, too?

  3. Thank you for the pattern! Today i am waring this top!
    I made it in size M (38), i just take a smaller hook size 3,5.
    It looks and fits great!
    I don’t make the “wings”on the shoulderstraps.
    On Ravelry i placed photo’s.
    Now i crochet the other top and i love that one to!
    Please go on with your nice patterns! 🙂

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