Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012

So yesterday we celebrated Halloween. Kind of late I know. But we have a holiday on October, 31 not on November, 1st, so we decided -“in honor of the working people”- to take the weekend afterwards.

We had a fluorescent bar which was real fun. It became a running gag to put everything new coming (food or something) under UV-light in order to see if it would glow.

We made jello shots with vodka since most sorts of jello contain riboflavin (vitamin B2). Tonic water which has quinine was great too, and mead worked because honey is fluorescent. Unfortunately we forgot to grind up the fresh mint we had. Chlorophyll surprisingly glows in red. I managed to finish 14 halloween glass hangers for yesterday.

And now is the moment to proudly show you the partly crocheted costumes of my husband and me.

Thank you, Mom, for helping me sewing the dress!

This is the pattern for Marge’s hair. I made popcorn stitches instead of bobbles.

Hope you had a hilarious Halloween like ours! 🙂

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