Socks in Autumnal Colors

Socks in Autumnal Colors

Do you know that? You’re preparing a present for someone and you finish it some time before you give it away. Of course you don’t want that person to see his/her present on the internet before he/she gets it.

And what happens? You forget to show it at all on your blog. Happens often to me. So today I’m showing you something I crocheted for my mother-in-law: The socks I gave her one week ago. She bought me this sock yarn and I used this fact as an oppurtunity to retry crocheting socks in which I failed miserably early in my crochet carrer.

Although I didn’t follow the instructions in the book (in my opinion the template with the sizing is wrong) the socks fit her and she loves them. đŸ™‚ I wanted to give you a link to the book, but it appears not to be available anymore.

So here’s the picture. Have a good time! See you soon!

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