Beanies for everyone

Beanies for everyone

I’ve made a lot of hats lately. The green one for my husband and the black one for my brother. The have a very classic ribbed look and the pattern is very easy. You make a rectangle starting with 36 chains and sc in back loops only. The rectangle gets stretchy and can fit several circumferences. I stop when it’s 60 cm long when stretched. Then I take my Tunisian crochet hook (you can take any hook that has the same width from beginning to end, no handle) and insert the hook at about every second end of a row and pull up a loop, by the end I have lots of loops on my hook. I pull up a loop through all loops on hook. Then I only have to connect the first and the last row made (with slip stitches).



These hats are for my nephews. I didn’t follow a pattern for these one. I just increased until I thought they’d fit their heads. Trial and error …

DSCI1665I made a thirn one in acid colors, but it has no pompom yet. So I’ll show it to you later.


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