Eye Ball Ear Hangers

Eye Ball Ear Hangers


The eye balls were actually part of the halloween glass hangers I made last year. A friend wanted to have them as earrings and I needed this long to complete them … But along with crocheting I wrote down the pattern. So here you go!

Eye Ball Ear Hangers by lydienne

small amounts of black, white and green (or desired color) yarn, I used acrylic
appropriate hook
yarn needle

Eye ball (make two)

in black
ch 2
Round 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to join round (6 sc)

in green (or desired eye color)
Round 2: 2 sc in each st around in back loops only, join with sl st (12 sc)

in white
Round 3: *2 sc in one st 1 sc in foll st* repeat (18 sc)
Round 4: sc around (18 sc)
Round 5: *sc2tog, 1 sc* repeat (12 sc)
Round 6: sc2tog around (6 sc)
one more sc2tog
FO, leaving a bit of a tail

You can use the remaining yarn to attach the hanger.



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