Pink Bambi

Pink Bambi

The pattern for this littly deer was published in the German version of Simply Crochet (Simply Häkeln) this month. I had to start it immediately.

Source: Simply crochet

And this is my version:


I love this cutie!

For an amigurumi it’s not that small. It’s 23 cm tall with ears.

I used chunky yarn that I bought at Zeeman. It’s acrylic with some wool and it felt like machine wash felting yarn while working with it. The only problem was the sewing part because the yarn sometimes just “vanished”. Pulling it through the crocheted piece for several times was to much for it, so I started with a new thread every few cms.

5 thoughts on “Pink Bambi

  1. Would you be able to give me the pattern? I have a friend who is having twins and asked if i would be able to make them each one of these deer. But i have yet to fine the pattern. thank you in advance!

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