Tunisian Short Row Potholder

Tunisian Short Row Potholder


I tried this pattern because it’s completely different to other potholders and I love Tunisian crochet. It worked up quite fast or at least it felt like that. 😉

It’s the first project with variegated yarn that I really like. In this context this type of yarn just looks best.

But then not all variegated yarns work. I really liked the bright colors of this yarn (Schachenmayr Bamboo Batik). I saw on ravelry that it is used for sweaters and then really looks good, just not for a “tiny” potholder. I frogged it.


You can find the easy but not boring pattern here. It has a great video tutorial!


2 thoughts on “Tunisian Short Row Potholder

  1. Beautiful, it almost looks more like knit than crochet. I’m glad you say it’s easy, because it sure looks complicated. I’ll have to give it a try. Working on finishing a doily and a scarf right now. 🙂

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