MCAL on Cute and Kaboodle! Day 1

MCAL on Cute and Kaboodle! Day 1

I’m currently taking part in this Mystery Crochet Along. It’s really fun so far! Justyna put a lot of effort into this project and even made up a story.

Read the beginning here:

“It all started one gloomy, autumn evening…
Dr. Hookenstein was sitting in his laboratory contemplating one of his evil plans. After last 6579 ways of conquering the world failed, he knew, he just knew this one must work. Especially as this time he made an extensive research and he won’t make a stupid mistake again. Oh no, no, no. This time he definitely won’t try to gain followers by promising people free pizzas every Sunday or spend all his savings on plastic surgeries that would make him look like Justin Bieber. He should have known that fame is a subjective thing… No, no. This time he’s prepared – he browsed through billion photos shared across the Internet and observed thousands of people and have been eavesdropping on the bus and even got a Facebook account and now he knows. He knows what people want! And when he creates it, no one will dare to refuse to follow him. And he’ll finally, FINALLY will be the king of the world. Mwahahahaahhaha! Ha! No, wait! He’ll make two or even three of these and then no one will resist… Mwahahahaahhaha!”

You can find the MCAL on ravelry or on facebook.

This is the result of the first crochet instructions.


Today all agents will get knew one. Can’t wait!


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