Granny Socks from Simply Häkeln 01/2015

Granny Socks from Simply Häkeln 01/2015

Bought my copy of the magazine about one week ago. I had already looked on the Internet which patterns it included and this was my number 1 favorite. So I started crocheting on February, 2 while working on other projects as well (the usual chaotic organisation I have when it comes to crocheting …). I finished it two days ago, but I still had to weave in the ends …and there were thousands of it!


So here they are! I’m very pleased with the way they turned out.

I hope Granny loves them as much as I do. She will get them for her birthday on February, 20.


It’s gonna be a boy!

It’s gonna be a boy!


Yes, I admit I’m pregnant. There have been some complications during my pregnancy so far this is why I haven’t posted for so long although I always crocheted.

Here is a little sweater for the prince that will be born in early may. 🙂  You can finde the pattern here.

Dress Embellishments

Dress Embellishments


I bought this plain ruby dress with a wonderful shape for my figure, but I thought it could be improved with some crochet.

Since I didn’t find a collar I wanted to use I made up my own: The Leaves Collar.

I will write up the pattern, but it will take some time because we’re going on holiday pretty soon and we’re not going to have internet access.



Socks for Granny

Socks for Granny


Granny’s birthday is in less than a month and I’m glad these socks are done, worked too long on them. The first trial came out way too small, it would have been a kids size.

You can find the pattern here. I think it’s an amazing idea to crochet socks lengthwise, the heel is already included and by crocheting in back loops only you get a stretchy result (which is mostly a problem with crochet socks).

In my case I used a larger hook (4.5 mm), two strands of sock yarn and increased the number of chains (28 instead of 18 for the foot and 20 instead of 18 for the leg [+ 3 ch]). Kind of experimental working with this pattern, but came out nice.