Toadstools in Spring

Toadstools in Spring


I’ve seen those mushrooms in springtime colors in decoration stores. I bought two wooden ones in nice pastel colors at Xenos.


I thought they might need some crocheted friends. Couldn’t find a pattern I liked 100 % on ravelry, so I made up my own.

Toadstool in Spring by lydienne

Note: I recommend using the “invisible increase” instead of sc2tog. It looks much better (see picture).


Ch 2

R1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook – 6

R2: 2 sc in each st -12

R3: sc around -12

R4: *2 sc in one st, sc* 6x -18

R5: *2 sc in one, 2 sc* 6x -24

R6: *2 sc in one, 3 sc* 6x -30

R7: *2 sc in one, 4 sc* 6x -36

R8: *sc2tog, 4 sc (in BLO)* 6x -30

In white

R9: *sc2tog, 3 sc (in BLO)* 6x -24

R10: *sc2tog, 2 sc* 6x -18

R11: *sc2tog, sc* 6x -12

Start stuffing.

R12: *sc2tog, sc* 6x -8

R13: sc around in FLO -8

R14-17: sc around -8

R18: *2 sc in one, 3 sc* 2x -10

R19: *2 sc in one, 4 sc* 2x -12

R20: *sc2tog* 6x -6

FO leaving a long tail, close remaining hole and embroider dots, weave end in.

Please don’t copy and redistribute this pattern in any way. Always link to my blog. Thanks!

P1080677 P1080678

Kitty Chop Stick Cozy

Kitty Chop Stick Cozy


I know it’s been long since I posted the last time. I started some ambitious (means: HUGE) projects and because I get bored easily by a pattern I’m switching around all the time which in result means: it takes time to get one thing done.

But this thing was done in one evening. Although it’s not perfect I like this piece of tapestry crochet. If you want to know more about tapestry crochet I recommend this page:

The videos are very clear. By the way … I never thought about working rows right and left-handed in one piece to get  a nice right side. Not sure if I want to take this challenge of crocheting with my non-dominant hand, but it sounds interesting …

Soon I’ll post a pic of a larger project. It’s winter related …


My lovely owl posing with the cozy … ;o)


Happy Pills

Happy Pills


Happy Pill by lydienne

ch 2
R 1: 6 sc in first ch made
R 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc)
R 3: *2 sc in one, 1 sc in next* repeat (18 sc)
R 4 – 9: sc around
R 10 (with arms): 4 sc, *ch 6, 1 sc in second ch from hook, sc in each following ch, sc in next st of round* 8sc, repeat between **, 5 sc
R 11 and 12: sc around

change color

R 13 and 14: sc around

With legs 

R 15: 9sc, leave rest unworked
R 16: start at first st of R 15
R 17 – 19: sc around
R 20: sc2tog 4 times
FO, weave in end.

Without legs

R 15 – 18: sc around (18 sc)
R 19: *sc2tog, 1 sc* repeat (12 sc)
R 20: sc2tog around
FO, weave in end.

For both versions

Embroider happy face and then you’re done!

Mouse Bookmark

Mouse Bookmark

Bookmark Mouse by lydienne

What you need: yarn and suitable hook (I used Catania and a 2.50 mm hook), polyester stuffing, needle to sew and embroider, scissors

ch 2
Round 1: 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook (6 sc)
Round 2: 2 sc into ea st of R before (12 sc)
Round 3: *2 sc, 1 sc into ea of next 3* repeat (15 sc)
Round 4 – 8: 15 sc
Round 9: *3 sc, sc2tog* (12 sc)
Round 10: *2 sc, sc2tog* (9 sc)
Round 11: *1 sc, sc2tog* (6 sc)
Round 12: 2 sc2tog
FO, weave in end, embroider eyes and nose

Ear (make 2)
ch 4
3 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 2, sl st in last ch
FO, leaving a long tail for sewing ears to body, weave in ends

attach yarn to bottom and make as many ch as you want, FO

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. This pattern is for personal use only.