Tunisian Short Row Potholder

Tunisian Short Row Potholder


I tried this pattern because it’s completely different to other potholders and I love Tunisian crochet. It worked up quite fast or at least it felt like that. πŸ˜‰

It’s the first project with variegated yarn that I really like. In this context this type of yarn just looks best.

But then not all variegated yarns work. I really liked the bright colors of this yarn (Schachenmayr Bamboo Batik). I saw on ravelry that it is used for sweaters and then really looks good, just not for a “tiny” potholder. I frogged it.


You can find the easy but not boring pattern here. It has a great video tutorial!

Kitten Pillow

Kitten Pillow

This time I used only two colors which was causing a lot less trouble. It came out very cute. It’s only 17 cm/6.5 inches without the white edging. I’m very proud of it. πŸ™‚

How-to: Bricks in Tunisian Simple Stitch

How-to: Bricks in Tunisian Simple Stitch

As promised in my baby vest post, I’ll explain to you how this motif is crocheted.

Happy crocheting!

Ch as many as you want to. I chained 20 in this example.

Work one row in Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Change to second color and work another row in Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Change back to first color. 2 sts in TSS and 1 Tunisian Double Crochet inserting hook under strand of first row made (same color).

*3 TSS, 1 TDC* repeat till end and finish row.

Work one row TSS Β in second color.

Change to first color and start new row by working one Tunisian Double Crochet in last row of that color. *3 TSS, 1 TDC* repeat.

Go on repeating this pattern (alternating between the two different rows in color one, here in lilac)

Hope this was understandable. If you have questions, dare to ask!

Love Letter Pattern

Love Letter Pattern

I made some square love letters from lion brand yarn. but I wanted a rectangular one. So I made up my own pattern. Here it is. Have fun crocheting!

Love Letter Pattern by lydienne

size of finished envelope: 13.5 cm x 8 cm
yarn: Zeeman Royal white
hook: Tunisian 5.00 mm
gauge: 22 sts = 15cm, 5 rows =3.5 cm

ch 22

15 rows in Tunisian Simple Stitch. The rectangle should be 15 cm wide and 11.5 cm long.

5 rows, each decreasing one stitch at the beginning.

After shaping edge with sl st, fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Fold your “letter” and sew it together.

Sew heart to edge. You can now insert the upper corner into the letter.

Hope you like your heart letter!

How-to: Ribbed Tunisian Crochet in 2 Colors

How-to: Ribbed Tunisian Crochet in 2 Colors

You need one sort of yarn in two contrasting colors ( A and b) and a matching Tunisian crochet hook.

1. Ch as many as you want to in color A.

2. Pull loops through the chs in color A. (see First Row in Tunisian Simple Stitch)

3. Go back with color B.

4. Start new row with color B. Pull loop through first vertical strand just like in Tunisian simple Stitch. Second one is done like in Tunisian Purl Stitch (let yarn fall before you insert the hook, see Tunisian Purl Stitch).

5. Go on *simple st, purl st*

6. Don’t forget to insert under to strands at the edge.

7. Go back with color A.

8. Start new row with color A.

Go on and on until you have your desired piece of crochet work.

Have fun crocheting!

How-to: Tunisian Purl Stitch

How-to: Tunisian Purl Stitch

It takes a bit longer to work this stitch in comparison to the simple stitch, but it creates a nice structure. Here is a photo tutorial.

Tunisian Purl Stitch

To begin with, complete one row in Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Now “drop” yarn and insert hook under first vertical loop (just the same as in Tunisian Simple Stitch).

Hold the yarn as usual again.

Yarn over, pull through loop. First one completed!

Go on doing the same with every vertical loop until you reach the last one on the edge.

Insert hook under two loops. You will get a stronger edge. Pull through. Ch 1 and go back as usual.

Your first Tunisian Purl Stitch row should look like this.