Toadstools in Spring

Toadstools in Spring


I’ve seen those mushrooms in springtime colors in decoration stores. I bought two wooden ones in nice pastel colors at Xenos.


I thought they might need some crocheted friends. Couldn’t find a pattern I liked 100 % on ravelry, so I made up my own.

Toadstool in Spring by lydienne

Note: I recommend using the “invisible increase” instead of sc2tog. It looks much better (see picture).


Ch 2

R1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook – 6

R2: 2 sc in each st -12

R3: sc around -12

R4: *2 sc in one st, sc* 6x -18

R5: *2 sc in one, 2 sc* 6x -24

R6: *2 sc in one, 3 sc* 6x -30

R7: *2 sc in one, 4 sc* 6x -36

R8: *sc2tog, 4 sc (in BLO)* 6x -30

In white

R9: *sc2tog, 3 sc (in BLO)* 6x -24

R10: *sc2tog, 2 sc* 6x -18

R11: *sc2tog, sc* 6x -12

Start stuffing.

R12: *sc2tog, sc* 6x -8

R13: sc around in FLO -8

R14-17: sc around -8

R18: *2 sc in one, 3 sc* 2x -10

R19: *2 sc in one, 4 sc* 2x -12

R20: *sc2tog* 6x -6

FO leaving a long tail, close remaining hole and embroider dots, weave end in.

Please don’t copy and redistribute this pattern in any way. Always link to my blog. Thanks!

P1080677 P1080678


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