Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow

Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow


Actually I wanted to publish this pattern before Valentine’s Day. But I’ve been sick several times during the past weeks. But I think a little love is never wrong … So here’s the pattern for you!

You’ll need:
I used Red Heart Super Saver and a 4.5mm hook for the yellow head.
Heart Eyes and mouth are made of random worsted weight yarn and a 4.00mm hook.

Head (in yellow, make 2)

ch 4, join to form ring
(start each round with ch 3 which counts as dc)
R 1: 16 dc
R 2 – 10: 16 increases in each round, at the end you should have 160 dc
R 11 and 12: sc around (160 dc)

Before you crochet both head parts together, make the mouth and eyes and sew them onto one of the yellow circles.

Mouth (in brown)

ch 31
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, inc, 4 sc, inc, 16 sc, inc, 4 sc, inc, sc (34)
Row 2 – 5: ch1, turn, dec at the beg and at the end of row (sc2tog)
Row 6 – 8: ch 1, turn, sk 1st st, sc across
FO, turn
Row 9: join yarn in 3rd st, sc across, leave last 2 st unworked
Row 10: ch 1, turn, sk 1 st, 3 sl st, 10 sc, 3 sl st
Do not fasten off, *ch 1, sc* along side, FO and repeat on other side

Heart Eyes (in red, make 2)

I used this Red Heart Pattern for the eyes, but I didn’t do the last round with the reverse sc.


As stuffing I took a standard square pillow (40 cm) because I couldn’t find a round one. It loses shape very easily, but it’s OK if you box it from time to time. ;o)

Crochet both yellow parts together. Make sure the right sides are outside. Of course you can also sew it together if you like that better.

Now you’re done with your emoji pillow!! I hope you love it! Now you can take silly pictures holding it in front of your face (or someone else’s!) or you can cuddle with “someone” who is totally in love with you. ;o)



3 thoughts on “Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow

  1. hey i just want to no if u can tell me what u mean by this 16 increases in each round, at the end you should have 160 dc can u help me like is it 16 increases in every stitch around or just at the beining and end or what do u mean thanks

    1. Hey Kristy! You start with 16 dc. In the next round, you have 2dc in each stitch (32 dc). Then it goes on with *2 dc, dc* in the third round (48 dc). 4th round: *2dc, dc in following 2* (64 dc), 5th round: *2 dc, dc in following 3* (80 dc) … and so on

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